Law School

Gosh I finally can write this. My queue is long and I think I can only share a little what I think about this fave drama, cos it’s a must try drama for me.

One thing I love about K-drama is they have various themes. We have a lot of Law dramas, but for this case, Law School is very interesting for me. I think this is my first law school drama, usually we only watch crime drama with lawyer/prosecutor background. Law School is something beyond my expectation and makes me fall in love with the cast.

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Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You Poster

A drama about a love story of time slipper who can travel to the future and an ordinary girl who really falls in love with him. Getting married and face complicated story. This is basically a romance drama with time-travel background.

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Where have you been? That’s what I say first if you haven’t heard about this drama. I know it’s about taste, maybe you’ll like it maybe not. But for me it’s such a heatwarming drama and really fun to watch.

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