Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Where have you been? That’s what I say first if you haven’t heard about this drama. I know it’s about taste, maybe you’ll like it maybe not. But for me it’s such a heatwarming drama and really fun to watch.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo created something in my heart like a virus. It spreading until now even tho the drama already ended some times ago. Can’t move on. I have watched three times maybe. And I still want to rewatch again. The story, the couple and the characters are unforgettable, even they can create something viral like ‘Do You Like Messi? or ‘Kim Bok Joo SWAG (read: suwegggg)’. The impact of this drama is really influential.

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or like this.

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Kim Bok Joo… SWAG

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This drama is about young people who wants to find their real selves and find what they want to do. The youth vibes, love life and aspiration. Not only that, this drama also shows us a lot about family, friendship and love life. Heartwarming. Just in a simple and light plot. The characters are also dynamic and adorable. The story development from one eps to another eps are good.


When I watch this drama, I felt like I fell in love for real with the character Jung Joon Young (Nam Joo Hyuk), yes like real. I want to be Kim Bok Joo (Le Sung Kyung) too, for having a best friend and boyfriend like him. I didn’t watch all dramas of Nam Joo Hyuk, only on Cheese in The Trap and Moonlovers, but for me in this drama his acting is super improved. I means he’s good.

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Tho they got low ratings, yup compare to Legend of The Blue Sea who’s airing the same time, it’s worth to watch for me. I know it’s back on your taste again. But for me who loves romantic comedy, it’s really good to watch. Not only romance but also hilarious funny scenes that can make you laugh :)


Ohya, I really like the filter of this drama. The tone, the photography. and don’t forget about the OST. I love all the songs in the drama. I am still listening to them and even made a playlist on spotify haha.


All pictures are not mine. Credit to MBC and owner. Thank you.

Score: 9.5 out of 10 || Watch on viki | viu | netflix

Favorite Scenes:

I decided not to return you. I’ll keep you – Kim Bok Joo

Emotional scene that I like a lot.

OST… :)

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