Wah I think this drama is phenomenal. No doubt since I think they prepared it very well, from the story, cast and production. It’s all executed perfectly. Based on a webtoon, this is another good super hero drama that is not only focus on the action but also the humanity and family.

The story about high school students and their family who has supernatural power and live normaly. The children goes to regular school and the family runs restaurants. But they have their own secret.

Making Han Hyo Joo, Jo In Sung, Ryu Seung Yeon as leads are not wrong at all. They are suitable for the characters and as expected they play the characters very well. I’m more amazed by the young actors who plays as their children, Lee Jeong Ha as Kim Bong Seok, Ko Yoon Jung as Kim Hui Soo and Kim Do Hoon as Lee Gang Hoon.

Released on Disney+, they give us part 1 with 7 episodes (if I’m not mistaken) as introduction about the children who has superpower and their parents who are right now live normal life. And then they release 2 eps per week, with total 20 episodes.

The story is indeed about superpower but somehow touching, how Lee Mihyun (Han Hyo Joo) is really close with her son, Bong Seok who has the ability to fly. But they are trying their best to hide it so that they look normal. They emotional between Mihyun and Bong Seok is heartwarming. Probably this is the power of Korean Drama, they play with our hearts very well. Mihyun opens a donkatsu restaurant (at the end we know why she open donkatsu specialty restaurant) and the father, Kim Dong Sik (Jo In Sung) is still hidden in the early part of the drama.

Not only Mihyun and Bong Seok, Jang Ju Won (Ryoo Seung Ryong) is also close with his daughter, Hui Soo. Turns out Hui Soo moved to the school where Bong Seok and Gang Hoon are studying. Hui Soo has the ability that she can’t be hurt. Oh, there is a little romance between Hui Soo and Bong Seok and it’s cute. Bong Seok is sweet character and at first he doesn’t know how to handle his ability. He always go to school with weighs so he can’t fly easily. Oh, he’s fly when he gets too excited including when he’s close with Hui Soo.

But more of that, it’s all about the ability that they have, the relationship with the government, also the throwback story how they have to hide their abilities and how Dong Sik is still missing.

They show us the story in the present and in the past back to back. So you can’t miss every scene to understand. After all it’s good and entertaining. The casts are superb and the story is well made. I’m also amazed by the cinematography since this is a super hero kind of drama which the cast are flying, fighting and hurting. The cast and crew work really hard and it’s no doubt a very good drama. A must watch!

Even though it’s a late post but it’s very popular when it’s aired.

Watch only on disney + hostar

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