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Love it so much!! It’s been a while since the last time I wait for a drama with curiousity every episode, every week. I mean I wait for it to be released officially right after it airs in the original broadcast ott in Korea. I knew I’ll like it since I saw the premise and the actors who play in it.

Choi Soo Young is one of my fave idol who successfully turns in to good actor, and Jeon Hye Jin whom we all know is a veteran actor. And I’m not wrong. I’m attached to this drama who’s more a drama comedy. There’s slight romance in it but more about the relationship of a mother and a daughter.

*SPOILER* Story about Kim Hye Jin (Jeon Hye Jin) who become a single mother when she’s in high school raised her daughter by herself. She’s now in her 40’s workng as a physical therapist in a clinic. Kim Jin Hee (Choi Soo Young) is now 29 yeras old works as police officer. One day, they meet a man from Hye Jin’s past, Park Jin Hong (Ahn Jae Wook). He’s the biological father of Jin Hee.

Kim Jin Hee always bickers with her mom. And that makes this drama interesting, it’s not noisy but it’s realistic from my point of view. One day Jin Hee is transferred to Namchon Police Station near her neighborhood and she meets the chief Eun Jae Won (Park Sung Hoon) who is Jin Hee’s senior when she’s in the police university. Ofc they don’t get along well, and that makes this drama interesting.

From what I see that Hye Jin still loves Jin Hong. She also considers Jin Hee that she doesn’t want to push Jin Hee to accepts his biological father easily after years. I like how they make Jin Hong as Hye Jin’s lover instead of Jin Hee’s father. What also interesting is the light romance between Chief Jae Won and Jin Hee. They don’t get along well but slowly they develop interest in each other. I like to see both of them together. They console each others.

Also interesting story happens when Jin Hee and Jae Won in the Namchon Police Station, at first they don’t get along well but slowly they become close and supportive.

I love every episode of this drama, like I understand the situation of the mother and daughter. The story is so relatable and it’s funny how they bicker with each other but inside they love and need with each other too. The lead female characters are strong while the guys are calm and super nice persons.

Hope you enjoy watching it as much as I do.

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