New Year Blues

A light movie with full of beautiful stars. Tbh I was interested to watch this drama because of the actors. The stories in this film are simple and I think it’s good for you who want to watch a nice film on the weekend.

There are 4 different love stories that happen during the week before new year.

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Run On

I can say one of my favorite dramas. It’s such a healing and therapeutic series for me. I like the scenario, the plot, the characters and everything. Even the cinematography is nice. You won’t find typical second lead syndrome or love triangle something like that. I salute to the writer, she’s a rookie writer but can touch us viewers with the story. Light and breezy, like my friend said.

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A Little Princess

What a warm and touching story. This drama teaches us about a meaning of family. I’m impressed with the story and acting from the cast. For me it’s a must watch!

About a 72 yo woman, Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee), whose life suddenly changes after a 12 yo girl, Gong Joo (Kim Soo Ahn) and her baby sister coming to her house. Gong Joo said she is Mal Soon’s grandaughter.

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