Sassy, Go Go

To be honest watching this drama makes me feel I am too old kkk. But this drama is very good for me. Relatable. Simple and shows us the real things happen to kids these days. At first I was interested in this drama just bcos I love Eunji’s acting. Yup since Reply 1997 for me she is very total and one of the best idol-actresses.

Sassy Go Go 1
Sassy Go Go 2

You will find friendship and love line here. Fun and sweet. About teenagers and how to pursue their dreams are always interesting for me.

Sassy Go Go 7

Don’t forget the main actor. There is Lee Won Geun. I don’t know him, but friend said that he was the one who acted and kissed Seohyun in the drama Passionate Love. Whoa.

Sassy Go Go 3
Sassy Go Go 4
Sassy Go Go 5

But talking about acting, I found someone potential to be star, Ji Soo plays as Ha Joon. He portrays the character so well. I think I cried a lot watching some of his scenes 😀 Hope he can explore more in acting and I know he’s gonna be someone in the industry.

Sassy Go Go 6

You’ll smile and cry as well watching this drama. For a teen drama, I really enjoy it. Probably you can remember what happened when you were in high school, with your friends, teachers, and first love. Enjoy the memories.

Score: 8 out of 10 || Watch here on netflix | viu


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