Kill Me Heal Me

One word for this drama. Amazing. I am so amazed by this drama. Thanks to the writernim who made this drama very good. How come he can get the idea and make us addicted and wholeheartedy fix the puzzles. Thanks as well to Ji Sung who acts very well, playing unusual character. Not only one but multiple characters.

Yep, I think he deserves awards for his acting here. The main character is Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) who is weathly and has warmhearted personality who helps others. He has 7 personalities. He meets a woman who eventually being his secret doctor, Oh Ji Rin (Hwang Jang Eum). That’s because he needs to get treated. Cha Do Hyun has other personalities. Not only 7 here’s what wikipedia told me:

  • Kim Hyung-bum as Section Chief Choi.
  • Go On as Alex Kang.
  • Kim Hyun-joo as Baek Jin-sook, Chae-yeon’s mother.
  • Lee Si-eon as Chief Park Min-jae.
  • Kang Bong-sung as Doctor Shin Sun-jo.
  • Jo Chang-geun as Doctor Kang In-gyu.
  • Choi Hyo-eun as Nurse Joo Mi-ro.
  • Heo Ji-woong as Omega’s editor.

This kind of drama, psychological, is so popular lately. And this production is one of the best for me, cos they can bring me really into the characters. Seems like pairing with Hwang Jang Eum is not the first time, so I think the chemistry go well.

And Park Seo Joon acting is better here for me. Getting better I can cry when I see he’s crying. After this I think he deserves a great lead role next time just like his previous drama I watched, Witch Romance.

A lot to learn from watching this drama, it’s interesting too. It’s very good to bingewatch now, and let me tell you a clue: All Cha Do Hyun’s characters are related to Oh Ri Jin 🙂

Many good supporting characters here and they give their best into this drama too.

Watch here on netflix | viu

Pictures: Asianwiki

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