Beyond Evil

Never say too late to post about this good drama. Won 3 awards at 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Drama; Best Screenplay; Best Actor; Beyond Evil is superb. I’m not a thriller fan but this drama is seriously awesome in my opinion.

Starring Shin Ha Kyun, a famous veteran actor and Yeo Jin Goo a young experienced also promising actor, this drama is very well written and directed. Shin Ha Kyun portrays the character Lee Dong Sik very well and Yeo Jin Goo (as Han Joo Won) is awesome too. Acting with Shin Ha Kyun I believe influences him to act deeper than his usual acting which is already good + good script.

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Still 17

Let me write some throwback post. Still 17 also known as Thirty but Seventeen is kind of my drama that I can watch many times. Today I just finished my 4th time rewatching it. This light and enjoyable romantic comedy drama really touches my heart.

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Kill Me Heal Me

Kill Me Heal Me Poster

One word for this drama. Amazing. I am so amazed by this drama. The writernim is so great. How come the writer can get the idea and make us viewers watching it every episode like fix the puzzles. And again, Jisung oppa plays very very good, no doubt.

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