I can’t believe it I like this horror series, Revenant. Starring Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se ando Kyung, this drama is awesome with nice story, good plot, good actor. Of course without good writing and directing, it’s not going to be this good. 12 eps only, this drama can steal our heart without ugly-look ghost but still it’s quite intense with some jumpscares.

Starting with a woman named, Gu Sanyeong (Kim Tae Ri) who is possesed by an evil spirit. When she’s possed by the ghost she will attack whom she’s mad at and angry to. Yeom Hae Sang (Oh Jung Se) is a folklore professor who can see ghost. He can see the evil spirit kills his mom. And he wants to find the truth about his mother’s death too. Both of them are connecting because of Sanyeong late father who is also died mysteriously.

Many people died in this drama killed by the ghost but we almost can’t see the ghost, it’s only shadows pasted on Sanyeong’s body. At fist Sanyeong even want to die but she finally works with Hae Sang to find who the evil spirit is and what she wants to do. Yes it’s ‘she’. I think it’s hard for us to guess who the real ghost is, we have to follow every scene to understand and the good think is not even one scene is wasted.

While searching and finding the truth about why the ghost kills many people, they work with a young detective Lee Hong Sae (Hong Kyung) who is also Sanyeong’s sunbae at school. He at first can’t believe what’s happening, about the evil spirit and the stories. But when his senior is also killed by the ghost, he wants to know the truth. He works with Hae Sang and San Yeong.

Not many jumpscares but when it’s there, it’s scary haha. We need to take many episodes until we finally know who the ghost is and her backstory. A lot of touching scenes too that can make you cry. And I really admire how Kim Tae Ri acts as San Yeong. She has to be the poor and desperate San Yeong but she has to act as crazy ghost. The acting is superb like she has to get a nominations at baeksang art awards next year! Oh okay, get another best female actor again Taeri, after 2521.

*spoiler* I watch the finale eps twice and I think the ending is satisfying. The finale eps is super scariest of all episodes, It’s clear and bold. And I like that finally the ghost is gone from San Yeong’s body. And it’s gone just like that without dramatic scene. We don’t see the ugly like ghost, or burnt. But it’s gone, vansihed just like that. Of course there’s an epic scene tp get rid of the ghost from San Yeong’s body.

I think this is not only about the drama who scares you, who gives tense and who makes you curious about the backstory of the ghost, but there’s something to learn too. That even tho life is hard, you have to stay strong. I remember San Yeong said in the last episode that she wants to live for herself, not for her mom, not for anyone else, according to herself. I think what I can get is that you have to stay strong, face the world and live your life.

10/10? I think it’s worth it. Good writing, good directing, good acting, good story. Please give them a lot of awards!

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Pictures: hancinema | Teaser: disney+ Singapore

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