Another office drama that I never knew I needed. I remember the last time office drama that’s touching my heart was Misaeng. This time I’m attached to this drama, Race, which is coming from the director of She Would Never Know, also an office-marketing drama with romance. Race is focus more on office politic and the essence of corporate culture and PR.

It’s slow pace, showing us realistic story of Yoonjo (Lee Yeon Hee), who was working at a small PR company, Joa, but now is hired by a big cosmetic company, Seyong. It’s not easy for Yoonjo to adjust and adapt at first, because a lot of issues are waiting for her already. At her new office she meets her childhood best friend Ryu Jaemin (Hong Jong Hyun) who is at first a don’t care kind of employee at work. Even if he knows something is wrong at work, he doesn’t want to care, he’s just focus on doing his job.

At the similar time to Yoonjo joins Seyong, her idol, the famous PR, ESG specialist, and a publicist Goo Yi Jung (Moon Sori) is hired as CCO. She’s excited to meet her fave while having difficulties working there. Yoonjo also meets Donghoon (U-know Yunho), a CEO of PR company which slowly gets close to her. There is slight romance between Yoonjo, Donghoon and…. Jaemin. Yoonjo likes Jaemin since they were kids, and the love story is like a additional in this drama.

Even though for me 12 episode is not enough to wrap it all, but I’m satisfied with the ending, and overall story. I actually want the writer to dig more about Donghoon, or maybe show us more of friendship story with Heo Eun, Yoonjo and Jaemin’s bestfriend who has a bar named Utopia, the place the three often hang out. But I guess the writer wants to focus on Office Story only and I understand. I really enjoy everything here.

For me it’s a recommended drama, cos it’s realistic, and most of us will relate to the issues in this drama. Like when they have the winner already in the bidding process, issues in recruitment, office politics, performance evaluation, communication, etc. Everyone wants to save themselves. But this drama shows us a good perspective of good governance and company culture. Good communication between top management and the employees is also important, cos the company’s client is not only the customer but also the employees.

Thank you disney + for this nice drama, it’s maybe underrated but I enjoy watching it and so invested!

Btw, I just realized I miss Hong Jonghyun. It’s been a while. So happy he’s taking this role!

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Pictures: hancinema | Trailer: disney plus singapore

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