The new netflix series really steals my attention. At first I wanted to watch it for Park Gyu Young and Kang Min Hyuk who lead the drama. Enjoy the 12 episode series. About a door-to-door make-up sales turns to be a famous influencer (or instagram celebrity). Choosing Park Gyu Young as Seo Ari is a good choice since I think she plays very well. From a no body Seo Ari to the Star Seo Ari. The transformation is great. Her solid character makes this story interesting. Ari has the ability to mix and match her fashion and knows how to make a good content for her social media that can make engagement.

This drama shows us the dark sides of the influencers. It’s not always light but they would do anything to protect their image. The number of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’ really matter to them.

Kang Minhyuk plays as CEO Han Jun Kyung, the 3rd generation of The Hue Cosmetics who has interest in Seo Ari. He even creates social media account just to follow Ari. At first he’s kind of chaebol who acts meh but growing up in that ‘rich’ environment makes him act like that. I remember he even goes to the police station just because Ari has not replied his DM yet and there’s even more ridiculous scene, when his maid takes off his shoes when he arrives home. That kind of actions made Ari ‘hates’ him. But as time goes by, that hates changes to like him. Love hate relationship you know because of manage your pride. Celebrity gives us light romance but I think it has important part in this drama.

Another important role here, is Yoo Si Hyeon (Lee Chung Ah). She’s Jun Kyung’s ex gf and married to Jin Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun) from Taegang Family Corporate. He’s a lawyer. Just few eps I know that they are married for business, pushed by their own family. Shi Hyeon is the character I like in this drama. She’s not that kind of rich girl. She has ‘character’ and has good heart. I feel so relieved that we still have generous rich character like Shi Hyeon in this fake world. Even though at first she follows Gabin Society (a group of influencers) who will do anything to maintain their popularity in public, she’s eventually taking side to Seo Ari, and become friends.

I love the flow of this drama. It’s interesting, I can’t help but continue to push next episode button. The dark side of Influencers we never know, shown very well here. Oh, not only about influencers but also about the world of chabeols live in, like the life of Han Jun Kyung and even Jin Tae Jung and his sister (one of Gabin Society members).

Even though the romance of Ari and Junkyung is not the main story, but it’s important and steals my heart. The both are cold person, their interaction is so tense that’s what I like. The way they see each other literally so tense. Also, I like the character development here, when Junkyung at first shown as bad chaebol you know, showing off without realizing he’s showing off. He just wants Jun Kyung attention. But then inside, he’s in love with Ari, he needs her like he said to Ari. He’s supporting Ari as Influencer and the most important part is he protects Ari when she needs it a lot. While Ari at first ignore him, she finally realizes that she likes and needs him too. It’s just she wants to manage her pride in front of the handsome chaebol.

This drama may not be perfect but I really enjoy it, scene by scene, and I can feel Seo Ari’s feelings. I even watched twice haha. Oh, also a lot of famous names cameo in this drama.

What I like is that, I think a lot to learn from this drama, where Ari shares her cheating codes to be a famous celebrity with M followers on social media. The influencers can do anything to get attentions, for the sake of followers and likes number. It’s not all about money, it’s about power and the benefits as famous person. It’s unbelievable somehow. We’re also shown that being famous celebs have big responsibility and consequences. One comment can affect a lot to someone. So let’s be responsible of being in social media.

Last but not least, I ship Seo Ari and Han Jung Kyung couple even though their romance is the side story of this drama. It affects the viewers a lot, like me. Only one kiss but it’s deep for us. I think that chemistry of Gyu Young and Min Hyuk works well. Now they are there in everyone’s fyp.

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