Our Beloved Summer

This is my kind of romance drama. A romance beween Choi Ung (Choi Woo Sik) and Kook Yeonsu (Kim Da Mi). It started when they were in High School, they’re selected to film a documentary about a girl who is number on in school and a boy who is completely different from the girl. Their interaction is so cute, the bickering, it makes them feels comfortable and close to each other.

At the end of the documentary, they began dating, and even Ung sucessfully joined the university where Yeonsu applied too. But then somehow Yeonsu wanted to break up and it made Choi Ung felt so down. He’s so desperate, couldn’t sleep. Thank God Ung has his family and best friend Ji Ung as support system. They have the same name, Ung and they become close like brothers. Ung has his own story of life that he always feels he can’t be the main character in his life. Ung-ug friendship is so precious I adore!

Long short story. After 5 years, Yeonsu and Choi Ung meet again. Yeonsu become an event organizer, and Ung become a sucessful artist. He draws a lot of beautiful buildings/architectures. Since their high school documentary go viral, the production team decide to make a new documentary about them again. And Ji Ung who’s currently working as PD in the production company, assigned to be the director. Well… Ji Ung secretly has crush on Yeonsu, his best friend ex-gf when he really knows that Ung really love Yeonsu and can’t forget Yeonsu even though they broke up long ago.

The romance between Yeonsu and Ung feels soooo deep and real. I dont know but Woosik and Dmi chemistry is so good maybe because they onced acted together on The Witch Movie, but it is so good. Though at first Yeonsu and Ung ignored, but they can finally reveal their feelings though this second documentary. They slowly realized they can’t live without each other. The feelings are still there. They are each other comforts when they have their own life problems.

Not only their romance is interesting, the personal story of each characters are also good. Yeonsu, Choi Ung, Ji Ung. It feels like the characters exist. Yeonsu teenager was the person who’s so insecure with her poor life, when she only has her grandma to rely on. She worked hard to survive that’s why she act so cold to others and even broke up with Ung.

Meanwhile Ung is kind of calm guy who has the abandonment issue. It’s hard for him when his father left him when he was kid. Though he eventually met a good family but still it hurts and affects his character like he has no goal in life just go with the flow. Yeonsu needs words of affirmation but Ung shows love with actions.

Also I wont skip Ji Ung’s character played by Sungcheol. His melo face really suits this character and he nailed it. He feels so lonely because he’s left by his mother often, but then met Choi Ung as his best friend who always listens and comforts him. Hm maybe the only character I don’t wanna talk about is NJ.

I love the details that director and writer show in this drama. Like, Ung loves yeonsu at the first sight. The book they read when high school. Ung never draws a person except Yeonsu (spoiler at the end of the series). And many more details that make us so attach to the couple. Also the title of each episode is from famous movies such as: Three Idiots, Love Actually, etc that relates to the story. Plus the script is perfect.

Ah it’s been a while since the last time I’m so into the romance of the on-screen couple. I love them so much with all my heart, I want the characters to be real. Salute to Kim Dami and Choi Woosik for portraying the characters so well. They’re like so real… when they see each other huhu.

Btw, I fall for Choi Ung chatacter. How he treats Yeonsu, his family, his bestie, so charming and I want him in my lifeeee 😭

For sure will rewatch the drama again. 16 eps is so worth it. I love everything about Our Beloved Summer, the leads, the details, the realistic ending, the background music, and the squad, like I want to brag all day about this drama but this article is already too long hahaha.

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My fave OST is from 10CM, Drawer, it’s so beautiful. I play on repeat.

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