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Thanks to Netflix, Korean drama series and movies now can reach larger scale of viewers. Right now many people talk about Itaewon Class, Crash Landing on You and Kingdom. But we all know, not only those three, Netflix also provides lots of good K-dramas you can binge-watch on the weekend or while stay home during this covid-19 pandemic.

It’s hard, but let me choose dramas aired in 2017 until now that I’ve already finished watching as my recommendation. FYI, the drama with N, means It’s original Netlix Series. Netflix airs this drama just one or two hours (I forgot the exact time) after It’s aired on the original broadcast in Korea. Here we go 15 Best K-dramas to binge-watch on Netflix, coffeecaramello version.

(1) Hello, My Twenties! 2 (2017) : Also known as Age of Youth. The first season was aired in 2016, but still I have to include this drama in the list since it’s my favorite and season two was aired in 2017 ๐Ÿ™‚ For me, It’s one of gems in K-drama land. Coming of Age drama you must watch. About girls in 20s face the reality with different background and past. Not as light as it seems but still enjoyable for binge-watching.

Strong Point: Storyline, Characters. Check out my post: Age of Youth 2 || watch on netflix

(2) Beautiful World (2017): About a family whose their son is seriously injured due to school violence. We can see how power works to cover all the issues. Obesession, Image, Pride. Will the truth reveal?! I was feeling emotional watching this drama. Prepare tissue.

Strong point: Acting, Plot, Lesson Learned. Watch on netflix

(3) Because This is My First Life (2017): One nice romantic drama. It’s typical romance but the packaging is good. A cold man who doen’t want to have relationship meets an ordinary girl who has financial issue, accidentally they live together and slowly fall in love. One of the best Jung Somin drama beside Father is Strange.

Strong: Romance, Script, OST, Jung Somin. Watch on Netflix

(4) Chief of Staff 1&2 – N (2019): A political drama. About a guy who works at National Assembly wants to get more power. Tbh, I never liked this kind of drama, but for Chief of Staff I can watch it twice. The plot is very interesting, you can never guess it. It’s devided into 2 seasons, each 10 eps.

Strong point: Acting, Storyline, Plot, Characters. Check out my post: Chief of Staff || Watch on Netflix

(5) Designated Survivor: 60 Days – N (2019): Yeah, correct! It’s the remake of an American series “Designated Survivor”. About a former professor who become the Minister of Environment. But suddenly because of an explosion killed the officials including the President, he has to take over the role, acting as The President. He’s a former professor who doesn’t have ambition in governement and politics, It’s very interesting to see his actions during his 60-day role as president. One thing for sure, don’t trust anyone.

Park Moojin played by Ji Jin Hee, no doubt he portrays the character very well.

Strong point: Acting, Storyline, Plot. Watch on Netflix

(6) Fight For My Way (2017): About dreams and love story of Ko Dongman (Park Seo Joon) and Choi Aera (Kim Ji Won). They are best friends until they realized they love each other. Park Seo Joon has strong character here. As always impressive.

Strong Point: Acting, Love & Friendship, Characters. Watch on Netflix.

(7) Live Up to Your Name (2017): An Oriental Doctor who traveltimes to Present. He arrives in Seoul and meets a doctor and they fall in love. Sounds cliche but since the plot is unique and the actors are good, It can be one to binge-watch at home. FYI, The main character Heo Im (played by Kim Nam Gil) is a real life historical figure (source: asianwiki).

Strong Point: Acting, Plot || Watch on Netflix.

(8) LIFE – N (2018): To be honest, I started to watch this drama because of the lead actors (Lee Dong Wook, Cho Seung Woo, Woo Jin Ah, Lee Kyu Hyung) + the writer is from drama Stranger (Secret Forest) which I like and really good. Tho I think this drama is underrated but the conflict is good. It’s not easy to manage a hospital. The hospital olitics, etc. Love story is just an additional flavor.

Strong Point: Acting, Storyline || Watch on Netflix.

(9) Prison Playbook – N (2019): Also known as Wise Prison Life. This is one of the best Korean Drama series ever. From the director and writer of Reply series. Proven. Not everyone’s cup of tea but the story is so interesting and different. Very enggaging. About life in prison. Something you can’t imagine. There is friendship here. You can also feel emo about the prisoners’ background stroy. Nice OST, a heartwarming drama you can’t miss. My fave actor is here, Jung Kyung Ho. Too bad I haven’t written about this drama before.

Strong Point: Everything + OST || watch on Netflix

(10) SKY Castle (2018): This is epic! 4 women who live in luxury complex. About the obsession to guide their children to be prince/princess and the most important thing to be accepted in SKY Universities, in everyway. SKY stands for Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University. SKY Castle is the highest rated cable drama.

In South Korea, admission to one of the SKY universities is widely considered as determining one’s career and social status. Many of South Korea’s most influential politicians, lawyers, physicians, engineers, journalists, professors, and policymakers (bureaucrats) have graduated from one of the SKY universities (wikipedia).

Strong Points: Stotyline, Acting, Lesson Learned || Watch on Netflix

(11) Stranger – N (2017) : Also known as Secret Forest. Crime drama you can’t miss too. Hwang Shimok (Cho Seungwoo) has less emotion because of his surgery in the past. We can see and slowly follow how Shimok and Yeo Jin (Bae Doona) handling the crimes and corruption cases. I believe this is one of the best too in K-dramaland.

FYI, Season 2 is coming soon this 2020. I’m anticipating.

Strong Point: Acting, Storyline, Plot || Check out my post Secret Forest || Watch on Netflix

(12) Still 17 (2018) : Also known as Thirty but Seventeen. OMG Yang Se Jong is here. He is one of the K-drama actors who has nice voice, my opinion ๐Ÿ˜€ good acting as well. It’s pure love story. Light. Because of trauma in the past is what makes this love story interesting. Unexpectedly this drama is nice and enganging until the end.

Strong Point: Romance, Acting, Storyline || Watch on Netflix

(13) The Package (2018): About a package tour to Paris. The traveller has their own story. One of the best Jung Yong Hwa’s drama for me. And the scenery, the views are pretty. Cinematography at its best. We can feel like we’re in Paris too with them. The travellers stories are also touching. Something freshfrom K-dramaland.

Strong Point: Theme, Storyline, Cinematography, Scenery, and Jung Yong Hwa. || Check out my Blog Post : The Package || Watch on Netflix

(14) When the Camellia Blooms N (2019): Romance from Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Haneul. About the single mom, Dongbaek, with one son, Pilgu. Dongabek, lives in the neighborhood who is always gossiping about her, about her as a single mom. Kang Ha Neul is a police with funny character, falling in love with Dong Baek. This is the love story.

I like that this drama has a village kind of setting. Not a city/modern concept of story. And it seems so real. The characters, the neighborhood is something awesome from this drama. Btw, Pilgu (Dongbaek’s son) is also one cute character in this k-dramaland. You can’t miss this.

Strong Point: Setting, Storyline, Plot, Character and Kang Ha Neul ๐Ÿ™‚ || Watch on Netflix.

(15) While You Were Sleeping (2017): Suzy’s drama I like best. And Lee Jong Suk’s as well. There are Jung Hae In too and Lee Sang Yeob here ๐Ÿ™‚ Yup, Pretty actors. But the important things are the premise and the execution are good. Suzy played as Hong Joo. She can see future death of someone from her dreams and she tries to stop it. She works with Jae Chan (Played by Lee Jong Suk).

Strong Point: Storyline, Plot, Prety Actors || Watch on Netflix

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