IU – Friday (Feat. Jang Yi-Jeong of History)

Probably it’s too late for me to post about this song. But never say late to good music. It’s actually from the album The Modern Times – Epilogue – Repackage 2013.

This song is just awesome. A song about want to meet a lover on Friday. I love the lyrics, the arrangement and compositions. IU made it. The lyrics and the music. She has her own character in music, even we can recognize her voice without seeing who’s singing.

Not like Good day with 3 high notes, this song is the typical of comfort song you can listen after work with a cup of lemon tea in the afternoon.

Well, she is more mature to me in this song. Don’t want to say much. You should listen to this song and enjoy some jazz in this song, plus the beautiful parts of piano, acoustic guitar and percussion. Ohya, enjoy the La La La part too, my favorite…

note. Friday also my fave karaoke song ๐Ÿ™‚

Woohoo nice MV with Jang Ki Yong as model. Love this MV.

*update: Enjoy also some live performances…

Bonus: Yonghwa also attended IU’s mini concert last June and they sang this song. Plus He also performed some IU’s songs with his guitar. Go check it out ๐Ÿ˜€

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