Oh My Baby

Brings up the unusual theme, Oh My Baby is giving us a lot of lessons. Whether you will still love your partner even though they can’t give you baby, will you stay? And what if the other way, you’re the one can’t give a baby to your partner? It’s not an easy theme tho, maybe that’s why they wrap it up with comedic scenes.

Jang Hari (Jang Nara) who really wants to be a mom, she wants to have a baby at the not-so-young-anymore age. She has to accept the fact that it’s hard for her to have a baby. Hari even wants to freeze her eggs until she gets partner. Hm. For her, meeting a matching partner is not easy, she gives up on marriage. The alternative choice is an unusual way, finding a sperm donor.

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The Package

The Package. One of the best underrated dramas. The “tour” theme is different than any other typical Korean drama. Story about a group of tourists in a package tour to Paris. Lead by a Korean tour guide and every traveler who joins this tour has their own stories. That’s what make this drama interesting.

The storyline is not only focus on the main leads but also the other casts. The overall story is light but solid. My favorite story beside the leads: The tour guide, Yoon So So (Lee Yeon Hee) and one of the travelers, San Maroo (Jung Yong Hwa) is about Jung Yeon Sung (Ryu Seung Soo) and Na Hyeon (Park Yoo Na). A father and a daughter. I can cry watching their story. Being a single father with one teenager daughter is not easy and for their case is touching.

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Another Oh Hae Young

Another Oh Hae Young Poster.jpg

I’m amazed by the writer-nim how he/she can get an idea and inspirations doing this drama. I actually didn’t know well Seo Hyun Jin but I know she plays well in Let’s Eat. She also played as queen on The Three Musketeers with Yonghwa. I also forgot how I finally can fall for this drama and deep into this one, be crazy every week, and curious how the story goes.

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Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy poster

Yeay love this drama. For me it’s a light drama, not that complicated or sad stories. We can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Jeju Island. Beach, skies, and even the environment are so good.

The storyline is okay and nothing much to complain. I really enjoy it. Nice directing and this drama has solid romance. As expected from Hong Sisters. You know they succeed with You’re Beautiful, The Greatest Love, and The Master’s Sun.

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