Tokyo Love Story 2020

Just finished this Japanese Drama with sad feelings. My ship sunk unfortunately. Tokyo Love Story is actually a Manga written by Fumi Saimon adapted to be a serial with the title ‘Tokyo Love Story’ which was released in 1991. After 29 years, the 2020 version was released with the same title. Gosh, 29 years.

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Perfect World

This time is for a Japanese melo-drama, Perfect World. Based on a manga with the same title, this drama is executed very well in my opinion. I haven’t read the manga before and I also found out that there’s the movie version too.

About Ayukawa Itsuki (Matsuzaka Tori) who’s a bright basketaball player in highschool. In the university, he got a terrible accident that injured his spinal cord and he became paralized from waist to down. He’s now on wheelchair and working as an architect. Because of works, he then meets a girl, Kanawa Tsugumi (Yamamoto Mizuki) who’s graduated from the same high school with him.

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Love Lasts Forever

An Incurable Case of Love also known as Love Lasts Forever is so cute! Yeah, It’s a light Japan drama. A love story of a girl who works hard to achieve her dreams, to get recognition from Dr Tendo (Tendo Sensei). Its a simple drama, with a happy ending of course. But what makes this story interesting for me is Sakura’s character. She’s so consistent, cheerful and a hard worker. Always being herself and makes eveybody around her happy.

Tendo Sensei is a cold doctor, who is calm but adorable. And he’s so cool! He can’t help but falling in love with Sakura. He’s maybe cold but he really cares of her. I like it that Tendo sensei realizes his feeling early, writer doesn’t drag us too long till they are finally dating. But I think everyone who has watched this drama will agree that the climax is when Tendo finally says ‘I love you’ to Sakura. It’s something Sakura’s been waiting for. Episode 9. A super sweet confession, he cries… TT

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