While You Were Sleeping

This drama has a lot of famous celebs, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In, and Lee Sang Yeob and Suzy. Tbh, I didn’t expect much from this drama before but after 2 epsiodes I felt engaged. Now I’ve just finished watching for the second time, I still enioy it and think this drama worth to be written here.

I love it that it’s simple but we can get deep feelings when watching it. It started with Nam Hong Joo (Bae Suzy) who has the ability to see other’s future in her dreams. And Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) is a rookie prosecutor. Jae Chan and his brother, Jung Seung Won (Shin Jae Ha) moved in front of Hong Joo’s house just after Hong Joo dreamt about him. Like destiny they become close.

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Gu Family Book

Gu Family Book

Yup I think it’s romance after all. I love the story line. I have watched ‘gumiho’ story before, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho which Seung Ki played the lead also with Shin Min Ah, but this is different version. If I have to compare to that, this one is more deeper. I mean how Kang Chi wants to be a human and how he has good heart. An outspoken character who is also unique and lovable. That’s what Yeo Wool like from him.

Yeo Wool is the character I like the most in the drama. She really tried hard to protect Kang Chi and Suzy really proves her acting skill here. Fighting and Romance scenes. When I watched Suzy on Dream High and BIG, I saw her only as an Idol who acts. But now, she improves a lot.

Gu Family Book poster

And the romance between Yeo Wool and Kang Chi is undeniable. The  fight and love each other. Yeo Wool who really knows how to handle Kang Chi and Kang Chi that finally realised that Yeo Wool is the one for him. How can they handle their relationship while Kang Chi is only half-human. They are so sweet I can even watch twice, always excited to the ending. And how they end up? Spoiler for you who hasn’t watched yet, if they end up together, one of them might die. Aaaaarh.

PS. This drama also as the proven for  Sung Joon, Lee Yoo Bi, And Yoo Yun Suk (Our Chilbongie :D) as the good actors and to be known by many viewers. They play very good. That’s why I love all the casts here.

Gu Family Book 2

Score: 8.5 out of 10 | Watch here on Netflix | VIKI

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Another Korean Drama that can make me cry. Even tho the story seems a bit unrealistic, but it can make me feel the emotions of the drama. Not a fan of fantasy drama but it has comedy and romance, so it’s kind of attractive, especially because the actors are well known.

18 years old Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Wo Ho)’s spirit suddenly becomes transplanted in the body of 30 years old Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). Seo Yoon Jae is a successful doctor and engaged to high school teacher Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung). Gil Da Ran just so happens to be the teacher of 18 years old Kang Kyung Joon.

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