Amidst A Snowstorm of Love

Not so often I watched a Chinese drama called Amidst a Snowstorm of Love. Started because of Wu Lei (Leo Wu). I watched Wu Lei’s movie before called Upcoming Summer and I liked him there.

Started with Yin Guo (Zhao Jin Mai) who’s having a Billiard training for a competition in New York. She meets Lin Yi Yang (Wu Lei/Leo Wu). I think He fall for her like love at the first sight (sweet scene, btw). They met in a cafe and Yi Yang help Yin Guo and his brother to the hotel cos it snowstorms at that time. And a love story begins.

The story is simple but deep for me. It’s slow burn romantic story that makes you stay to watch. Love how sweet Yi Yang to Yin Guo. Love that the director and the writer bring us to experience their relationship from getting close to finally officially dating. Since they are a billiard players, we’re also shown behind the billiard club and tournament.

I like that this drama gives us positivity to make achievement especially in billiard. When Yi Yang finally musters his courage to get back to billiard tournament after long hiatus. There’s some dark background that makes him take a break. Love that his circle really cares and support him a lot, because he is so talented in it.

Since I usually watch K-drama and J-drama, 34 episodes are too long for me, but since I like the story and the plot, I stay loyal haha. It’s the first time I watch series with billiard as background. Love the acting of the lead male and female. Especially Wu Lei, I think he suits this role. How he sees Yin Guo is so sweet. Feel the tense. The quality of the cinematography is also good and I like. If you’re looking some lovey-dovey romance with the background of billiard professional, you can watch this drama.

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