A Shop For Killers

Really love this drama. First drama in 2024 that I really fall for and was so attached from the beginning to the end. So engaging with good plot. A lot of throwback scenes but it’s neat.

The story about Jeong Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook) and his niece Jeong Ji An (Kim Hye Jun). Long story short, Jin Man is known to have died then Ji An is given the “inheritance” of a mysterious shopping mall. And the story begins.

It’s so exciting. All the scenes are important. Drama and action parts are just right. The traps prepared by Jin Man and Ji An are very calculative which makes the action scenes interesting. Not to mention that the background music of this drama is also good. The execution is just perfect.

The acting isn’t too much, it’s just in the right amount and it makes it so tense. Even the tense is rising each episodes 📈 and the climax is at the ending, the last two eps. Even after the drama ends, I can still feel the tense. I appreciate the director who is also the writer on this drama. Oh I forgot to share that this drama is based on a novel.

Lee Dong Wook is really cool here as Jeong Jin Man. It’s really what he expected to act in mature action series. Kim Hye Jun as Jeong Ji An is also good, well she received rookie awards from Blue Dragon and Baeksang Art Awards. Her acting is so great that when she acts I can feel her desperation. Love the Jin Man’s squad too. The ones that help Jin Man and Ji An to survive: So Min Hye (Geum Hannah); Pasin (Kim Min), a Thai who helps Jin Man, teach Ji An and Min Hye to fight; Brother (Lee Tae Young) who is good on IT and… ; Honda (Park Jeong Woo) who helps young Ji An. Seriously gonna miss this squad!!

Manifesting there will be a season 2 cos it’s open-ending and a lot to tell in the season 2 if it ever happens. After all thank you for an entertaining drama… seems like it’s underrated but hopefully it reached its own viewers well!!

Anticipating Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Jun’s next projects!

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Pictures: garagelab.official | Trailer: Disney+ Singapore

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