Just finished watching Vigilante, an 8 episode series based on webcomic with the same title. Starring Nam Joo Hyuk as Kim Ji Young, I think this drama is one of the best Joo Hyuk’s drama. He is very good here and it’s always thrilling every episode.

A story about Ji Young who is a model student at Police University. Aside from being a student he punishes criminals who receives very light punishment even though they did bad crime. It’s too easy for them and wont make them change, cos after 1-2 years they still continue doing the crime. Look back when Jiyoung was still young, his grandma killed with no reason by the thugs but they only received 3 and half years in prison. I think that’s the reason why the tought of punishing the criminals came to his mind. Of course when he’s finally able to do that, when he is now a university student.

While doing his operations, he meets Jo Gang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk) who admires Ji Young and want to support him. They also get connected to a police Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae) and a brave journalist who is also on Vigilante’s side, Choi Mi Ryeo (Kim So Jin). If I’m not mistaken, the name of Vigilante came from Mi Ryeo since she is the one who started to release the news about the misterious one who punish the criminal (Ji Young).

It’s very cool how they solve every case especially with Ji Young who has still not caught yet as Vigilante. Though the 8 episode is still not enough for me. Cos the character development is not that deep especially about Gang Ok and Jo Heon. I really wanna know them more. Also there is a professor of Ji Young who I think know who Ji Young is but still keeps silent. It is still now revealed if he knows or is it just my assumption.

I like the ending. It’s satisfying but still open for me. *spoiler* We have to accept the fact that one or two persons can’t change the system, the systematic crime. Though Ji Young, Gang Ok, Jo Heon, Mi Ryeo are still alive, but someone dear to Ji Young is dead. Unfortunately the law is still not working as we want it to be. I think it’s worth the season 2 cos I’m sure Ji Young character still wants to take revenge and really angry about what happened. Hope they still consider the season 2.

Acting wise, no doubt about it. The fight scene is cool. It’s worth binge watched and I demand a season 2 🙂

If it’s legal, is it always good? If it’s illegal is it always bad?

~Choi Mi Ryeo – Vigilante E08

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Pictures: hancinema | Teaser: disney+ Singapore

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