Discovery Of Love

Actually, I watched this drama bcos there is Sung Joon. I watched him in Gu Family Book and I Need Romance 3. And I like his acting and his voice. Seems like he has to face seniors here. Eric and Yoo Mi. They are good actors.

I like the story about how to find the true love. About how you cannot forget the past, and hard to move on. Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) will be back to Tae Ha (Eric Mun) once dated in the past and now Yeo Reum has new guy Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon).

And It’s about Love Quadrangle story. But maybe I’m biased and even after watching this drama I’m on Nam Ha Jin’s side, tho even though I know he’s just a second lead. Hehe.

Oh yeah, this drama gives me second lead syndrome after Reply 1994. You know, I didn’t watch the Last Ep of this drama until now. Haha cos I know Han Yeo Reum will be back to Tae Ha. Huhuhu.

So many memories Tae Ha – Yeo Room have been through in the past that they cannot deny and so many lies between Yeo Reum and Ha Jin. Even sometimes I don’t like Han Yeo Reum character here, but Yoo Mi really plays very good. As usual, she can bring the character to us viewer like so real. Eric fans would be very happy to watch this drama cos I read that He even asked their band to cancel their comeback cos he really wanted to play in this drama. Wow!

Back to My favorite Sung Joo (Sung Joon). He’s a model-actor and has a very sexy voice. Hahah yeah at least to me. He’s so cool and always play cool character in his dramas. In Gu Family Book he also got the second lead, and now again. Denggg. Please next time go get the main lead Sung Joon ssi, you deserve main lead.

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