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YoureAllSurrounded (4)

For me, this drama is different. You’re All Surrounded caught my heart with interesting theme and story, detective. Beside the story of course I watched this drama bcos of the cast, Lee Seung Gi.

As always, what touchy the most is about family matters. About how Ji Yong (Lee Seung Gi) who changed his name to be Dae Gu become a fighter and stronger person to find her mother’s murderer with all the complicated story behind it. Dae Gu joins P4 team a young cops, rookie detective. And Detective Seo Pak Suk as the senior here also captured viewers heart with his acts. He also the ‘father’ of the rookies.

The love line? Dae Gu finally falls in love with Soo Sun (Go Ara), his partner in P4 and actually they were childhood friends. Hm… Love their acting and couple chemistry is so good. Don’t forget about Tae Il guys. Ahn Jae Hyun still shows his charm here.

YoureAllSurrounded (5)
YoureAllSurrounded (3)

 Ji Yong and Soo Sun young. It seems Soo Sun already fallen for him

Every episodes has it’s best. But I also captures some moments that for me are the best from this drama.

YAAS (12)

Dae Gu and Soo Sun lovey dovey. I love how they taking care each others… Love their chemistry here Seung Gi and Ara :)

YAAS (1)

The mysterious Dae Gu Dae Gu who finally opens his heart to Soo Sun.

YAAS (4)

I love their friendship. This team called P4. Friends are always there when you’re down and needs support. Well, not only Park Tae Il but, Ji Gook (Park Jung Min) also plays important role here in P4 friendship :)

YAAS (5)

Park Tae Il who melts my heart :)

YAAS (13)

One of my favorite moment. When Soo Sun finally says Sarange Ji Yong… that breaks my heart cos Da Gu is being kidnaped and about to shot… Andweee…

YAAS (14)

Seo Pak Suk is the savior for Dae Gu, for everything. One of the touchy moment on the last episode. Must watch.

YAAS (2)

Score: 8 out of 10 || Watch here on VIU

SNSD’s Taeyeon also sings for the OST. She sings the ballad so beautifully. Well, I really love this vid, a fanmade video from a friend @ashleybeteta with Taeyon’s Love, That One Word as the background music. Go check this out!

credit: ashleybeteta

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