Witch’s Romance

Witch's Romance (3)

Yepp. Just finished watching this drama. A drama about the romance between a younger man and a woman, older woman with 14 years gap. Kkk. I think it’s impossible for me. But tvN creates this story really good and very impressive. tvN surely never fails to bring us good quality dramas.

I fall in love with Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Joon). Bcos the character is so cool, humble and playful as well. Park Seo Joon stole my heart, I dont even know him before. He’s such a great actor and he even sings one track for the OST. Uhm Jung Hwa? Who doesn’t know her. Such a good and popular actress.

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Basically the story is simple, but I feel so much emotion. From tears to laughs. The writer doesn’t want to make the story that long and complicated, in my opinion. So it will be easy to understand and to enjoy. Love this style of story. Ohya, one character that also steals my heart is Yong Soo Chul (Yoon Hyun Min). Dong Ha’s best friend. His bromance with Dong Ha is really lovely. Hehehe.

Well, typical tvN dramas, many kiss scenes and romantic lovey dovey between the couple Dong Ha and Ms. Ban. lol.

Witch's Romance (2)
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Aaaaa…. I will miss this couple, Dong Ha – Ms Ban.

Witch's Romance (3)

Will miss the bromance, Dong Ha-Soo Chul.

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Will miss the lovey dovey.

Witch's Romance (9)

Will miss the cute, humble and playful Dong Ha.

Witch's Romance (20)

Love the ending. Sweet, cheesy and pretty ending.

Score: 8 out of 10 || Watch it on: VIU | VIKI

Enjoy the OST, Park Seo Joon sings it very well. Good Job!

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