Squid Game

What an experience. Binge-watching 9 eps of Squid Game is so tense and super interesting. Not only I can feel the game they are playing, but I feel like I can understand each of the characters. Starting from Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) whose life is so messed up: in debt, a gambler, divorced with the condition he can’t be a good ‘dad’ to his only daughter, still depends on his mother.

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Romance is a Bonus Book

I came to this after watching While You Were Sleeping. Yep, Lee Jong Suk brought me here. It’s kind of light drama you can bingwatch on the weekend.

I like it that this 2019 drama brings up different kind of set along with the romance story. A young chief editor in a publishing company as well as a popular professor, Cha Eun Ho (Lee Jong Suk) love story with his long time ‘noona’ best freind, Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) who used to be a copywriter but not anymore.

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