Live On

Live On, 8 episodes of teenage drama that you can bingewatch on the weekend. With one hour per episode, they show us daily life of high school students and all of their issues. Not to mention their family background that affects how they face life.

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A high school student, Oh Ji Soo (Kim Dong Hee), known as a model student with good grades, well-behaved, no negative record in school but outside, he has his secret job to earn money. His life is not easy, dark, with financial difficulties. No support from parents. From working, he can survive for his tuition, daily life, etc. He wants to continue his study to good university, get a job, have family, like a normal life. For him, dreams are expensive.

What is his secret job? It’s an online prostitution using a mobile application with robot voice as anonymous. He’s known as “The Uncle”. No one think that the one who runs the apps is this High School kiddo. He works with Mr. Lee who doesn’t know him. He only knows Ji Soo as “The Uncle”. Mr. Lee drives and provides security service for the sex workers to protect them in case the client is such criminal or a psycho.

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She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Poster 1

When you want to watch romance drama with the handsome and charming guy lead actor I think you have to watch this drama. Park Seo Joon with his charm, I cannot not to watch this one. She Was Pretty. His acting is no doubt the best. I am not a fan of Hwang Jung Eum but the chemistry between Seo Joon and Jung Eum is very good here. I can feel it.

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