Age Of Youth 2

Guys, this drama is one of the best thing in kdramaland. Season 2 ends very nice, and everyone’s still expecting a season 3. I think everyone’s agree that we can watch this drama even tho it’s more than 14 episodes and even each episode airs more than 1 hour, without complaining.

Just like season 1, this drama is about coming of age, how these girls in their 20s face their problems. About how Eunjae handled his ex boyfriend and breakup things, Yoon Sunbae facing her new fun challanging work, Ye eun overcome her traumas and meet new people, Song coping her past issues… It’s so fun and relatable.

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Secret Forest-1.jpg

This drama is insanely cool! How to explain it in words, when you don’t want to miss every scene. When you already fall in love since the first episode. When you think that every cast is just awesomely awesome. When you can’t even predict the ending, the culprit, the crime motive, the plot twist, etc. The power, politic, responsibility and family relationship can be this emotional. This drama is beyond my expectation.

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Queen for Seven Days

Queen for Seven Days poster.jpg

This is one of the drama that I’m already in love since the first episode. When Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin even haven’t appeared in the drama, I have already fallen for the story and the child actors. PMY and YWJ young act so good and almost look alike the adult ones. I guess the casting director really did a great job. Their chemistry is undeniably good.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

SWDBS Poster

After Wightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo – Kim Bok Joo & Joon Hyung, I finally found my new OTP. Yes, so attached to the main couple Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) & Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Shik). The story of the drama is so refreshing and funny. I love this drama like dont want it to end.

This drama maybe not perfect, lack for me in same parts but it’s all covered by the main couple charms, different story and good characters. I love Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik. Hyung Sik is not a newbie but I think in this drama he gets praises. He’s known as an actor. I watched him in What Happens to My Family too and he did good. I think in this drama, he portrays Ahn Min Hyuk really well. Well for PBY, she is smart and really can capture everyone’s heart. She is good in choosing characters and never fails. From Jo Jung Suk, Song Joong Ki and now Park Hyung Sik. The chemistry she built with her co-stars is always amazing, right.

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Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You Poster

A drama about a love story of time slipper who can travel to the future and an ordinary girl who really falls in love with him. Getting married and face complicated story. This is basically a romance drama with time-travel background.

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