Time to Hunt

It’s thrilling. My reaction after watching this dystopian movie, twice. I don’t really have much experience watching this kind of film but I really want to post it here on my blog. The directing and acting for me are all superb. Not gonna be biased even though Lee Je Hoon is my fave actor. I’m just wondering where they filmed this drama. The set is cool! It shows the dark side of South Korea with the background the Country Economy Crisis. 

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Be Melodramatic

As always JTBC never disappoints me. Be Melodramatic is like the older version of Age of Youth. Probably better. About 3 best friends and their lives. Slice of life kind of drama that I like. The characters are around the age 30s, fun and quirky somehow.

It ended a while a go, I really want to write it since it’s one of the best ever. Underrated but it’s a super good!

Watching this feels like real. Around my age… :) Im Jin Joo (Chun Won Hee) character is a scriptwriter. Unique character for sure haha. She meets her first love she dated for 7 years. Apparently they are working at the same field. While she also meets new potential love and many (funny) things happen.

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Reply 1988


Before writing this, I have already watched twice. Because it’s so warm and touching we can bingewatch many times. One of the best drama in K-drama history. With the background of Seoul in 1988, this drama for me succesfully caught viewers heart. The rating was really good for cable tv drama. And it’s viral. Congrats to Director Shin Won Ho and Writer Lee Woo Jung, proven as the good director and writer!

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