Gamaliel & Audrey Tapiheru

Finally, after a long time, I write about this. Gamaliel and Audrey Tapiheru. The talanted siblings popular from their Youtube videos. No. They do not just do lip-sync or dancing in the videos but singing and playing guitar. They cover Jason Mraz and even Lady Gaga songs. And you can see the results are very cool. They surely are talented. Perfect pitch, perfect collaboration.

In most of their videos, Gamaliel and Audrey talk in English, so many of the viewers think the they are from the Philippines. So they just put Indonesian Flag in the Videos.

Why I like them is just because they are phenomenal not because of their amazing voices but also because of their good performance and consistency. They’re still young but surely gonna be stars.

But now, they already had their first Single. Collaborating with Cantika, they created a trio and hit the industry with a single Ingin Putus Saja. Check it out!

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