Another awesome series from Netflix. D.P., a 6 episode series starring Jung Hae In as Ahn Jun Ho, a soldier who is quite and calm person. He tries to avoid fighting with other soldier. One day Seargent Park Boem Gu (Kim Sung Kyun) assigned him to DP (Deserter Pursuit) team. The mission of the team is to catch deserter (read: a member of the armed forces who deserts; a member of a military force who abandons service without leave). He then meets Corporal Han Ho Yeol (Koo Kyo Hwan). Seargent Park looks cold but he really takes care of DP team.

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Be Melodramatic

As always JTBC never disappoints me. Be Melodramatic is like the older version of Age of Youth. Probably better. About 3 best friends and their lives. Slice of life kind of drama that I like. The characters are around the age 30s, fun and quirky somehow.

It ended a while a go, I really want to write it since it’s one of the best ever. Underrated but it’s a super good!

Watching this feels like real. Around my age… :) Im Jin Joo (Chun Won Hee) character is a scriptwriter. Unique character for sure haha. She meets her first love she dated for 7 years. Apparently they are working at the same field. While she also meets new potential love and many (funny) things happen.

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