6 Best K-dramas on Viu || coffeecaramello version

Available in 17 markets across Asia, Africa and Middle East, Viu provides us the latest drama contents, particularly Korean Dramas. Working with top Korean Broadcasters, they can serve us latest premium dramas within a day after broadcasting in Korea, with local language subtitle.

Not only drama series, they also have variety shows and movies. But this time, I wanna share with you my top 6 Series with hope you’ll like them too or this list can be your reference if you have no idea what to watch on Viu. After so much consideration here we go.

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Oh My Baby

Brings up the unusual theme, Oh My Baby is giving us a lot of lessons. Whether you will still love your partner even though they can’t give you baby, will you stay? And what if the other way, you’re the one can’t give a baby to your partner? It’s not an easy theme tho, maybe that’s why they wrap it up with comedic scenes.

Jang Hari (Jang Nara) who really wants to be a mom, she wants to have a baby at the not-so-young-anymore age. She has to accept the fact that it’s hard for her to have a baby. Hari even wants to freeze her eggs until she gets partner. Hm. For her, meeting a matching partner is not easy, she gives up on marriage. The alternative choice is an unusual way, finding a sperm donor.

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