I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice

I never thought I’d like this slow pace drama. Setting in rural village, Bukhyeon, with beautiful view. I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice is a romance drama based on a novel “Nalssiga Joeumyeon Chajagagesseoyo” by Lee Do-Woo (published June 28, 2018 by Sigongsa) *souce asianwiki.

Haewon (Park Min Young) is tired of her life in Seoul, she’s coming back to her hometown, Bukhyeon and meets Eunsup (Seo Kang Joon). Her coming this winter is different. They fall in love and their romance is sweet and warm.

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Another Oh Hae Young

Another Oh Hae Young Poster.jpg

I’m amazed by the writer-nim how he/she can get an idea and inspirations doing this drama. I actually didn’t know well Seo Hyun Jin but I know she plays well in Let’s Eat. She also played as queen on The Three Musketeers with Yonghwa. I also forgot how I finally can fall for this drama and deep into this one, be crazy every week, and curious how the story goes.

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