Hot Stove League

It’s been a while. This is the first time after years I’m making a comeback to write about K-drama. And yeah it’s because of Hot Stove League! For me this drama is like a gem in Kdramaland.

Never one scene in this drama is wasting. All of them give contribution to make this drama awesome. You know that Sport genre is so rare compare to the criminal and romance drama airing these days. But Hot Stove League has proven that this kind of drama can be outstanding too and have their own viewers who are very loyal and supportive with full of excitements.

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I Need Romance 3

I Need Romance 3-3

Shin Joo Yun (Kim So Yun). And this is her love story with Joo Wan (Sung Joon). I love this drama because, we can see here how SJY finds what love is and who is the one for her. After such many stories and experiences in love, SJY is trying to figure out her love and what her needs with help of JW. SJY is JW first love and till now even though she’s older than him.

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