Beyond Evil

Never say too late to post about this good drama. Won 3 awards at 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Drama; Best Screenplay; Best Actor; Beyond Evil is superb. I’m not a thriller fan but this drama is seriously awesome in my opinion.

Starring Shin Ha Kyun, a famous veteran actor and Yeo Jin Goo a young experienced also promising actor, this drama is very well written and directed. Shin Ha Kyun portrays the character Lee Dong Sik very well and Yeo Jin Goo (as Han Joo Won) is awesome too. Acting with Shin Ha Kyun I believe influences him to act deeper than his usual acting which is already good + good script.

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Find Me in Your Memory

Another beautiful romance drama which you can ship the leads, even second lead couple. The premise is interesting. About an anchorman, Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) who has hyperthymesia; a condition that allows you to remember every moment in your life and about a famous artist, Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young) who forgets her past.

Yeo Ha Jin’s sister is her manager, played by Kim Seul Gi which is one of my faves. She played very well in Oh My Ghost too if you remember her.

Short story, Yeo Ha Jin is finally dating Anchor Lee, Anchor Lee is actually Yeo Ha Jin’s best friend’s past lover. Her best friend, Jung Seo yun passed away with tragic story but Ha Jin can’t remember. That’s how the story begins.

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