One Percent of Anything


I watch drama alot in 2016 and I think One Percent of Anything drama is the most-attached one for me. This drama is based on the novel “1%ui Eoddungut” by Hyun Go-Woon (published August 20, 2002 by Noongwa Maeum) and had been made into a drama in 2003, with the same title, MBC’s One Percent of Anything.


At first I don’t understand why the writer use this title for the drama, yet I havent watched the original drama. But after finished the drama, I finally got what the writer means about the 99% and 1%.

Yeap, the story is cliche and classic -about the two having fake engagment end-up falling in love with each other- but the chemistry between the leads is awesome. I fall in love with this couple. Lee Jae In played by Ha Seok Jin and Kim Da Hyun (DaDa) played by Jeon So Min. I havent watched Jeon So Min acting before, but I love Ha Seok Jin acting. I watched him in some of his dramas, and usually he plays the cold and nice character, so this role is nothing for him I think. He must be good I knew it.

This scene I think is important, where Jaein without realized kissed Dada cos she’s so cute (yeah…) and for me the point when I fell in love with this couple.

The challange is the chemistry, cos this drama is only 30+ mins and about the both two, plus they are lovers with so many skinships and… kisses. For me they nailed it. This drama was not aired in mainstream tv stations but on Dramax. The viewers enthusiasm is so good, even popular in dramafever.


For you who want to watch a simple and light drama, not too much problems, focus on love story and meaning of the relationship, I think this drama is the best. Can’t describe more how I adore this drama and love the couple. My 2016 OTP. 16 epsiodes are worth to watch.


Unfortunately, this drama has only 1 OST released. Tho I hope I can listen to more of the OST cos they can remind me of the sweet scenes of Jaein and Dada.

Ok this is maybe biased, but one interesting thing is Jaein’s suits. I think he wears so many fashionable suits in every episode that makes this oppa look so fine. Kkk. Agree with me?


Score: 8 out of 10 || Watch on VIKI | netflix (Japan)

Picture: hancinema

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