The Three Musketeers Episode 08


Episode 08: The Crown Princess’ Wish. Prince who got stabbed was brought back to the Palace. Princess waiting and wanted to take care of her husband. But you know what, Mi Ryung was the nurse. That was so shocking.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 07


Episode 07: Mi Ryung and Hyang Sun. Princess finally knew that the court lady got stabbed and the one did it is Mi Ryung, the one who selected to be Princess before her. She also knew that Mi Ryung the one who stole the love letter.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 06


Episode 06. Donwonsu Kim Ja Jum. Previously on last episode Princess came in the middle of the fight between Dal Hyang and Prince.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 04

TTM04-01Episode 04: Protect the People from the Enemy, Yong Gol Dae. It’s so political and military feels. Park Dal Hyang, officially a military officer. As we know before that PDH got a mission from the prince to find Mi Ryung and bring her to the Prince. PDH was still confused why Prince ordered him the mission since it’s not related to his job to protect the country. A personal matters. But Prince said that’s the order and PDH had to do that.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 03


Episode 03: Secret Mission. Previously, Dalhyang stuck in the crowd where he wanted to get the messengers but found Yong Gol Dae: General of Manchu and the squad who’s coming to Hanyang… Thank God, he successfully ran away when they started to shoot Dalhyang! Well he saved by the horse…

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