YongSeo sing Banmal Song at Kpop All Star Live in Niigata

Yonghwa-Seohyun are back. They performed Banmal Song at Kpop All Star Live in Niigata yesterday. Huaaaa. That’s was awesome. The first time ever they perform this song together on stage. They look very sweet. Love the outfits. Seohyun in white dress and Yonghwa in V-Neck White Tshirt and Black Blazer. Seohyun as always looks like goddess and Yonghwa looks more mature with his new hair style :D Our emotional Yong sings Banmal Song Perfectly. One of the best look of Yonghwa.

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Seohyun Sings Banmal Song for Yonghwa


Just wanna share. This is the video when Hyun sang Banmal Song for Yonghwa on the 1st part of the last episode of YongSeo Couple on We Got Married aired today. Really touched, I a bit cried and really wish they won’t leave WGM this soon. Look at that Yong’s Expressions when he saw Seohyun singing for him.

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For First-Time Lovers (Banmal Song)

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa just released his first digital solo today inspired by his on screen ‘wife’ SNSD’s Seohyun on a variety show We Got Married. The song called For First-Time Lovers (Subtitled: Banmal Song). It’s because Seohyun can’t speak banmal/drop honorifics to him even tho they are already close.

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