Bakoel Koffie

Introduced by a friend when we finally decided not to hang out in a mall. Bakoel Koffie. Actually I have heard about this place but never had a chance to come. So few days ago, me and friends had a good time hang out there, at Bakoel Koffie Cikini. Hard to find a nice place (not in a shopping mall) just to chit chat and have some coffee in Jakarta. You know, sometimes we just look for the good atmosphere, and bonus if the coffee tastes good. So I think this place can be one of the best choice.

Love the traditional interior design. Just like old Jakarta, and Dutch style. The food, I don’t think it’s special, but not bad. Maybe, the traditional food menus make this place different than other coffee shops. Beside coffee is very good also, wifi available and there is also outdoor seats. Maybe next time you can try this cafe, good for chatting and relaxing.

Bakul Koffie 1

Bakoel Koffie’s Stores

Jl. Cikini Raya no. 25 Jakarta Indonesia

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92, Jakarta Indonesia

La Piazza Mall, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Indonesia

Bintaro Jaya sektor 7, Tangerang Indonesia

Go check out the website here, started in 1878, they serve highest quality of Indonesian best coffee.

Kopi Tuan

A small coffee shop at Cihampelas Walk, Bandung. Bisa dijadikan referensi tempat nongkrong dan ‘main uno’. Secara Bandung dingin, ngopi-ngopi anget dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau bisa dijadikan pilihan. Dengan hot spot internet wifi dan suasana yang nyaman. Menurut isu beredar, Chicken Breast gorengnya enak sama Cream Soup. Sayang, waktu kemaren main ke sana udah malam banget dan cuma nyicipin Cream Soup-nya. Enak banget.

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