Secret Garden

I promised to a friend once I finish watching Secret Garden, I’ll post a review on my blog. Since it’s currently airing in S. Korea, I just want to share my opinion about the first 4 episodes.

SBS’ Secret Garden stars Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. Both of them I think are great actors. They play amazing in all the role they’ve played. Hyun Bin looks lil bit thin on this drama, but still handsome.

both photos:

Hyun Bin plays as Ju Won, a rough and cranky shopping mal owner who falls in love with Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), the stunt-girl who has a dream to be a martial art director. They have different characters and always fighting, and that’s why It makes the drama more interesting. Rom Com starts here.

I also have searched about this drama review from K drama fans forum. I read that They will go to the deep mountain and enter a strange house, where a strange grand mother offers them chocolate to eat. The next day, they find themselves in the other’s body. Hm…

I still continue waiting for the next episode since I am looking forward how Ju Won will win the heart of Ra Im. Funny and romantic.

That’s what I love about Korean Drama, beside the great story, there are so many great OSTs that can make us more emotional. Here is from Baek Ji Young – That Woman. The song is really popular not only bcos of the drama bu also because it can moves our heart.  Baek Ji Young sings very well as usual. You’re gonna love it too.


  1. When I watched this drama, I laughed so hard that it hurts my stomach and yet, it also hurts too much that I can’t stop crying at the sad parts.

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